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Okamoto Glass Co., Ltd Location:  Chiba  Kashiwa-shi 380, Toyofuta Employees 248

In 1995, I ended my 16-year career at the National Police Agency in order to succeed my father as a president of Okamoto Glass Co., Ltd. Since then, I have devoted my life to learning the specialty gl...

Industrial Robots for Glass Manufacturing

Unique!! Only this robot can detect the surface of liquid glass! Under "high-mix low-volume" production, this robot can achieve high productivity, reliable quality, and less manpower. The robot can be used for any shape of melting furnace and can be used in limited spaces. Of course we provide all the assistance you need to set up, start up, and operate the robotic system.

Main 3 products N/A    
Type of manufacturing Electronic parts  Lighting equipment  Electrical component for transportation equipment
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Surface treatment - Other surface treatment - Vacuum deposition

2:Mass production - Glass/Silicon - Glass mirror polishing

3:Mass production - Glass/Silicon - Other glass manufacturing

4:Surface treatment - Other surface treatment - Other physical vapor deposition methods (PVD)

5:Surface treatment - Other surface treatment - Coating


Quartz Lead Co., LTD. Location:  Fukushima  Machiikedai Kouriyama 1-15-4 Employees 76

Our business includes initial business, manufacturing cleaner for semiconductors. We are involved in rapidly growing LCD photo mask field and other fields with possibilities, such as solar battery, me...

Large chamber belcher from quartz glass 《 BIGVAS 》

BIGVAS is a large size container with ultra precise and high durability necessary in the fields of advanced technology, include “LED,” “LCD,” and “solar battery.” We, Quartz Lead, managed to manufacture square and/or wide bore tube and large size quartz containers which is thought to be impossible to develop. We develop and manufacture a variety of quartz products: oversized (over 1,000mm) belchers and chambers and quartz parts for edging and ashing.

Main 3 products Manufacturing quartz tank and related parts for semiconductor cleaning device  Manufacturing quartz products for semiconductor manufacturing system  Slicing: Cutting and processing large size mask blanks for LCD
Type of manufacturing Electronic parts  Medical equipment  Industrial machinery
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Assembly/Inspection - Inspection - Glass

2:Product manufacturing - Production property - Semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturing

3:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Blank cutting - Glass laser machining

4:Product manufacturing - Production property - Industrial furnace/Test furnace manufacturing

5:Mass production - Glass/Silicon - Glass welding

6:Parts manufacturing - Machinery part - Vacuum components manufacturing

7:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Prototype processing - Prototype/Small-lot molding


NALUX CO., LTD. Location:  Osaka  Shimamoto-cho, Mishima-gun Yamazaki 2-1-7 Employees 250

A Leader in Plastic Optics Manufacturing Since 1963, Nalux has constantly taken on research and development of plastic optics. Ever since then, we have made a number of technical advancements, tho...

Main 3 products Optical device    
Type of manufacturing Industrial machinery  Transportation equipment  Medical equipment
Recommended manufacturing category

Yuugenngaisha buruseimitsu (有限会社 ブル精密) Location:  Tochigi  Employees 36

Type of manufacturing Electronic parts  Telecommunication equipment  Lighting equipment
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Mass production - Glass/Silicon - Aspherical lens

2:Mass production - Glass/Silicon - Glass microfabrication

3:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Prototype processing - Small-size prototype manufacturing

4:Mass production - Glass/Silicon - Other glass manufacturing

5:Mass production - Glass/Silicon - Toughened glass manufacturing

6:Mass production - Glass/Silicon - Glass substrate

7:Mass production - Glass/Silicon - Glass mirror polishing


Maikurokatto (マイクロカット株式会社) Location:  Tokyo  Employees 10

Type of manufacturing Industrial machinery  Medical equipment  Office automation equipment
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Mass production - Glass/Silicon - Glass substrate

2:Mass production - Glass/Silicon - Other glass manufacturing

3:Mass production - Glass/Silicon - Glass mirror polishing

4:Mass production - Glass/Silicon - Toughened glass manufacturing

5:Parts manufacturing - Other parts - Filter manufacturing

6:Assembly/Inspection - Inspection - Glass

7:Product manufacturing - Production property - Blade manufacturing


Aryu-zu (有限会社アリューズ ) Location:  Saitama  Employees 1

Type of manufacturing Electronic parts  Medical equipment  Jigs and tools
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Mass production - Glass/Silicon - Ultrasonic machining

2:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Machining - Ceramic

3:Mass production - Glass/Silicon - Other glass manufacturing

4:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Machining - High rigid material

5:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - NC machining - Handles 3D processing

6:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Prototype processing - Small-size prototype manufacturing

7:Mass production - Glass/Silicon - Glass microfabrication


Nippoukougyou (日邦工業 株式会社) Location:  Tokyo  Employees 338

Type of manufacturing Machine tools  Electronic parts  Office appliances
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Mass production - Glass/Silicon - Glass mirror polishing

2:Parts manufacturing - Machinery part - Optical parts manufacturing

3:Mass production - Mechanical processing - Micro-hole machining

4:Surface treatment - Coating - Resin coating

5:Surface treatment - Printing and others - Silk screen printing

6:Surface treatment - Printing and others - Pad printing

7:Mass production - Mechanical processing - NC turning machining


Guro-barurokku (株式会社グローバルロック) Location:  Kanagawa  Employees 20

Type of manufacturing Electronic parts  Medical equipment  Telecommunication equipment
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Mass production - Glass/Silicon - Ultrasonic machining


Horikawaseisakusho (株式会社 堀川製作所) Location:  Osaka  Employees 18

Type of manufacturing Industrial machinery  Construction material  Medical equipment
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Mass production - Glass/Silicon - Laboratory glass manufacturing


Onidukagarasu (株式会社 鬼塚硝子) Location:  Tokyo  Employees 50

Type of manufacturing Not selected  Not selected  Not selected
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Mass production - Glass/Silicon - Other glass manufacturing

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