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Okamoto Glass Co., Ltd Location:  Chiba  Kashiwa-shi 380, Toyofuta Employees 248

In 1995, I ended my 16-year career at the National Police Agency in order to succeed my father as a president of Okamoto Glass Co., Ltd. Since then, I have devoted my life to learning the specialty gl...

Industrial Robots for Glass Manufacturing

Unique!! Only this robot can detect the surface of liquid glass! Under "high-mix low-volume" production, this robot can achieve high productivity, reliable quality, and less manpower. The robot can be used for any shape of melting furnace and can be used in limited spaces. Of course we provide all the assistance you need to set up, start up, and operate the robotic system.

Main 3 products N/A    
Type of manufacturing Electronic parts  Lighting equipment  Electrical component for transportation equipment
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Surface treatment - Other surface treatment - Vacuum deposition

2:Mass production - Glass/Silicon - Glass mirror polishing

3:Mass production - Glass/Silicon - Other glass manufacturing

4:Surface treatment - Other surface treatment - Other physical vapor deposition methods (PVD)

5:Surface treatment - Other surface treatment - Coating


Kawasaki Chrome Industry Co., Ltd. Location:  Kanagawa  Kawasaki-shi Kawasaki-ku Siohama4-5-1 Employees 50

Since the foundation of Kawasaki Chrome Industry Co. ,Ltd., we have been specializing in industrial chrome plating. We have attained a variety of special techniques along with experience and achieveme...

Sleeve (Φ1500~Φ2500) hard chrome plating

We have a proven record of successes concerning chrome plating. We can do chrome plating for various sizes and shapes of both large sized metal molds and the outer-surface of units. “I don’t know any other company that can implement oversize plating.” “Do you know any company who can chrome plate oversized products?” If you have any questions concerning what was mentioned above, please consider contacting us. ------------------------------------------------------ Size :Φ1500~Φ2500 Quality weight:2t~ Surface roughness:0.8S Plate thickness:30μm~ Material:high-carbon steel, stainless steel

Main 3 products Industrial chrome plating  Buffing (dry and moistured)  Mirror surface finish
Type of manufacturing Industrial machinery  Heavy electric machinery  Not selected
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Surface treatment - Plating/Chemical conversion treatment - Hard chromium (rack)

2:Surface treatment - Polishing/Lapping - Mirror polishing

3:Surface treatment - Other surface treatment - Buffing

4:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Grinding processing - Cylindrical grinding

5:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Grinding processing - Cylindrical mirror grinding

6:Surface treatment - Other surface treatment - Shot blast

7:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Machining - Stainless steel

8:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Grinding processing - Internal grinding

9:Surface treatment - Plating/Chemical conversion treatment - Aluminum

10:Surface treatment - Plating/Chemical conversion treatment - Chromium (rack)


Shinco Metalicon Co., Ltd. Location:  Shiga  Yoshinaga, Konan 405 Employees 75

We are a specialized spraying maker boasting the longest history in Japan. We perform spraying and blasting of all metals, ceramics and cermets, as well as jobs including any supplementary work. Inqui...

What is spraying?

Spraying is a technique to improve a surface by using various heat sources to melt metal, ceramic, cermet, etc. and eject it, thus forming a functional film on the surface of the base material.

Main 3 products Spraying (WC cermet, ceramics, metal, alloy, resin and more)  Rust and corrosion preventive spraying, on-site construction (spraying, blasting and more)  Blasting (alumina grit, glass beads, etc.)
Type of manufacturing Office appliances  Machine tools  Industrial machinery
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Surface treatment - Other surface treatment - Spraying


Takano Co., Ltd Location:  Gunma  Oota-ku Higashi Kanaido1237 Employees 120

TAKANO Co., Ltd. has been a metal mold supplier for 40 years now. We have combined our accumulated knowledge as a parts supplier and our technologies with the usage of cutting-edge equipment. This was...

Incorporated Solid Lubricant: Oil-Stick

It has become possible to manufacture no-oil-supply products for anyone. The oil-stick is a lubricant which consists of a rich mixture of graphite, molybdenum disulfide and base oil made into a stick-like form. To use, firstly, drill a hole into the sliding source where no-oil-supply is necessary and then incorporate the oil-stick. It is easy to use for anyone and a new way to reduce lubrication problems. The incorporation process is an additional process, meaning, one can apply it to any surface and/or any metal materials. The oil-stick is our own unique product that can be used to turn most metal mold parts into no-oil-supply metal mold parts.

Main 3 products Punch, punch for punch molding mold parts   Button with a die  Cam cam slider unit for mold
Type of manufacturing Transportation equipment  Jigs and tools  Industrial machinery
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Die manufacturing - Press die - Part processing

2:Surface treatment - Polishing/Lapping - Lap polishing

3:Surface treatment - Other surface treatment - Coating

4:Surface treatment - Polishing/Lapping - Tool polishing

5:Product manufacturing - Production property - Machine tool manufacturing

6:Surface treatment - Polishing/Lapping - Dual-face lapping and polishing

7:Surface treatment - Polishing/Lapping - Single-face lapping and polishing

8:Surface treatment - Heat treatment - High frequency quenching

9:Surface treatment - Heat treatment - Vacuum quenching

10:Surface treatment - Heat treatment - Normalizing


INAC.CO.,LTD Location:  Aichi  Okazaki-shi 23-1, Yoji, Ohnishi-cho Employees 41

Our company has been involved in planning and designing of amusement parts and toys, as well as, structural designing and manufacturing prototypes with resin and non-ferrous metals. Recent years, dema...

Clear Optical Shaping, 3D Printer, Prototype

High Transparency Optical Shaping Prototype INAC, known for high transparency machined products, proposes high transparency optical shaping models. Using a high transparency and moisture-proof material with our accumulated experiences of finishing techniques, the products we manufacture are the finest and high transparency. We achieved to manufacture complicated shapes for medical samples, automobiles, amusements, interiors etc. which are impossible to produce only with machining.

Main 3 products From Planning, Designing, Structural Designing to Prototype Manufacturing, Painting, Vacuum Evaporation Plating, Laser Exfoliation, Clear Optical Shaping Prototype  Automobile Parts, OA Equipments, Amusement Parts, Medical Equipments, Designing and Assembling Assembling Jigs  
Type of manufacturing Transportation equipment  Medical equipment  Industrial machinery
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Machining - Machining (resin)

2:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Prototype processing - Vacuum injection molding

3:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Prototype processing - Photoforming

4:Surface treatment - Other surface treatment - Vacuum deposition

5:Surface treatment - Coating - Resin coating

6:Designing - Product and part designing - Model designing

7:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Prototype processing - Plastic protocol machining

8:Designing - Product and part designing - External design

9:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Prototype processing - Simplified/Molding

10:Assembly/Inspection - Inspection - Measuring


Fastener Industry Corp. Location:  Fukushima  Fukushima city Iizaka Hiranohirata5-7 Employees 20

Fastener Industry Co., Ltd. has provided a variety of fastening products for joining objects to objects, parts to parts, and people to people for 30 years since its establishment. We mainly engaged in...

Main 3 products Industrial part manufacturing and sales  Loctite Instant Adhesive  Springs, gaskets
Type of manufacturing Not selected  Not selected  Not selected
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Surface treatment - Other surface treatment - Coating


mizuno-machinery Inc. Location:  Toyama  Toyama-shi 513-4 Itakura Fuchu-machi Employees 47

Our company is the cutting maker who made machine part manufacture for production the main force. The aluminum processing operation division is mainly manufacturing parts for semiconductor equipment ...

5-axis machining(1800×2000×1100)

Simultaneous 5-axis machining

Main 3 products Machining Product (Aluminum,5-axis machining)  Machining Product (Aluminum,machining)  Machining Product (Steel,NC lathe)
Type of manufacturing Industrial machinery  Measuring machinery  Jigs and tools
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Machining - Simultaneous 5-axis machining

2:Mass production - Mechanical processing - Five-face/axes machining

3:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - NC machining - Five-face machining

4:Mass production - Mechanical processing - Machining

5:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Grinding processing - Plane grinding

6:Mass production - Mechanical processing - NC turning machining

7:Mass production - Mechanical processing - Complex turning machining

8:Mass production - Mechanical processing - Aluminum alloy

9:Mass production - Mechanical processing - Iron

10:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Machining - Machining/Handles small-scale production (order from 1 piece)


Ito Seisakusho Co., Ltd. Location:  Mie  Yokkaichi 101 Hironaga-cho Employees 102

Since our company was established, we have developed our business as a pioneer in progressive mold design and manufacture and press parts processing for automobile parts. 95% of our products are autom...

20% plate thickness drilling and hole machining

Material: SPH270C / Plate thickness: 6.0 mm / Hole diameter: 1.2. We can perform drilling with press stamping. By putting them inside progressive molds, we can drastically reduce costs. Special Characteristics 1. Production with hole machining precision of plus/minus 0.01 mm made possible 2. Shear surface length 80% or more 3. As for burrs, fracture surface molding nearly like burr removal of the same chamfer surface Material: SPHC Plate Thickness: 6.0 mm Hole Diameter: 1.2

Main 3 products Progressive mold designing  Progressive mold manufacturing  Progressive press stamping / cold forging
Type of manufacturing Transportation equipment  Electronic parts  Office automation equipment
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Mass production - Metal press - Progressive press (200 - 500 t)

2:Designing - Mold designing - Progressive die designing (auto)

3:Die manufacturing - Press die - Progressive die

4:Designing - Mold designing - Progressive die designing (light electrical)

5:Die manufacturing - Press die - Blanking die

6:Designing - Mold designing - NC data creation (press)

7:Mass production - Metal press - Progressive press (80 - 200 t)

8:Mass production - Metal press - Progressive press (35 - 80 t)

9:Die manufacturing - Press die - Die set machining

10:Designing - Mold designing - General metal press die


NOGAMIGIKEN CO., LTD. Location:  Ibaraki  Hitachiomiya City 1136-3 Izumi Employees 62

We design and produce super precision jigs (Film boring jigs, a variety of cutting jigs, and precision devices). We operate precision metal stamping (t0.01 ~ thin board connecting springs, complex par...

Handheld punch with Visual Checking [film hole punching equipments]

Stress-free shooting feeling We have developed a world’s smallest ultra precision stamping die handheld punch. *Visually check for punching positions is possible. *Longevity of sharpness With the smallest clearance of less than 0.005mm, outstanding sharpness lasts for a long time. In addition, It can be used on metallic foils that are difficult to process with ordinary hand punches without burrs, deformation, and appearance of foreign substances. *Light weight and compact size It is designed to be light weight and compact which can easily handled by females. It is possible to punch with applying less force, resulting in the increase of operational efficiency! Shock resistant design The jamming doesn’t appear even if it is dropped unintentionally. *Less foreign substances intervention will occur due to use of this product. We have 4 kinds of standard sizes! We also have 7 different colors, allowing you to apply them to recognize different manufacturing processes and shapes. It’s possible to add convenient options. Please send us documents with required measurements. For more details, please check our web site.

Main 3 products Design and production of ultra precision jigs  Design and production of precision stamping dies, and production of precision stamping parts  Production of precision machine parts and precision stamping die parts
Type of manufacturing Jigs and tools  Industrial machinery  Not selected
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Die manufacturing - Press die - Blanking die

2:Parts manufacturing - Other parts - Blade manufacturing

3:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Jig manufacturing - General jig manufacturing

4:Mass production - Metal press - Combined press-joining

5:Product manufacturing - Medical equipment manufacturing - Medical equipment manufacturing

6:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Prototype processing - Small-size prototype manufacturing

7:Mass production - Grinding processing - Plane grinding

8:Surface treatment - Polishing/Lapping - Mirror polishing

9:Designing - Jig and tool designing - General jig designing


Akiyama Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Location:  Saitama  Kumagaya 2961-6 Kamino Employees 55

Our factory specializes in crank shaft and shaft processing for automobiles, compressors, motors, pumps and much more. We can handle all sorts of products with a circumference of Φ15 - Φ100, a length ...

We can handle development and prototypes of single high-precision crank shafts as well as mass production of 1,000 units.

Our factory specializes in crank shaft and shaft processing. We can handle all sorts of products with an outer diameter of 15 - 100, a length of 70 - 500 mm and a hole in the center. We can handle the entire production process from adjusting materials to final product delivery for one or two prototypes or mass production lots of 1,000 units.

Main 3 products Crank shafts  Shafts  Balance shafts
Type of manufacturing Transportation equipment  Industrial machinery  Machine tools
Recommended manufacturing category

1:Parts manufacturing - Machinery part - Crank shaft manufacturing

2:Parts manufacturing - Machinery part - Shaft and roller manufacturing

3:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Grinding processing - NC cylindrical grinding

4:Development and production of prototype/Small-scale production - Machining - Rolling

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