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The terms of use agreement for EMIDAS member

■Clause 1 Application of the Regulations
These regulations apply to all members (as defined in Clause 3) using the EMIDAS Factory Search Engine (, hereafter referred to as ‘the site’) service (hereafter referred to as ‘the service’) provided by NC Network Co. Ltd (hereafter referred to as ‘the company’). Members using the service are required to strictly follow the regulations, and members using, and corporations desiring to use, the service are required to agree to the regulations prior to using, and applying to use, the service.
■Clause 2 Service Details
  • The service registers company factory information, and is useful in receiving and issuing orders.
  • In addition to the regulations, members are required to use the service in accordance with rules and regulations determined as necessary by the company.
  • The equipment and communication methods necessary for the use or provision of this service are provided at the expense and responsibility of members.
  • In addition to the above, the company may introduce other services in relation to use of this service by members. The company may disclose information relating to members desiring to use such services to the provider of the relevant service without the company bearing any responsibility in relation to the service and disclosure.
■ Clause 3 Member Qualifications
'Members’ are corporations or individuals complying with the following qualifications as defined by the company, agreeing to the regulations, applying for registration in accordance with the methods as required by the company, and recognized by the company. However, registration as a member is possible in other cases when specifically approved by the company. (1) Engaged solely in business activities of an industry type as defined by the company. (2) In the case of individuals, persons not involved in anti-social organizations (gangs or radical political organizations). In the case of corporations, representatives and directors not involved in anti-social organizations.
■ Clause 4 Application for Membership
  • Corporations or individuals desiring to use the service apply for membership in accordance with the following procedure. (1) Apply for membership after thoroughly reading, and understanding and agreeing to, the regulations. (2) Submit the necessary information as specified by the company for the membership investigation. (3) Prepare the membership application in accordance with the format specified by the company, and submit the application to the company. (4) Prepare an email address for communication from the company, and register that email address with the company. (5) Additionally, follow rules for membership determined by the company as necessary.
  • When an application for membership is received, the company determines whether or not that membership is to be accepted, and notifies the corporation or individual applying of the result. In addition to information to be submitted at application for the membership investigation, the company may require submission of additional information.
  • The corporation or individual applying for membership agrees to use of the member registration information for credit verification by credit agencies within the necessary scope of membership investigation.
  • Corporations applying for membership may be refused by the company for the following reasons. Furthermore, existing member registration may be cancelled by the company for the following reasons without prior notification, and provision of the service halted. The company bears no responsibility for refusing or cancelling membership. (1) When information provided by a corporation or individual is insufficient, false, or inaccurate, or when the appropriate information has not been updated. (2) In the event of behavior or duties in contravention of the requirements of the regulations. (3) In the event of application for bankruptcy, corporate reorganization, corporate consolidation, corporate restructuring, dissolution, etc. or similar. (4) When behavior is in contravention of legal statutes. (5) When the company, at its own discretion, decides that use of the service, or purpose of use of the service, is inappropriate.
■ Clause 5 Identification of Members
Members are assigned a password and other items necessary for use of the service.
■ Clause 6 Duties and Obligations of Members
  • Members shall not engage in the following behavior, or similar, in association with use of the service. (1) Use of the service for illegal purposes, or hindering use of the service by other members, or provision of the service by the company. (2) Reporting, entering, or describing false information, or concealing or not reporting, entering, or describing important information. (3) Illegal, or attempted illegal, obtaining or use of passwords, or member qualifications, of other members. (4) Infringement of rights such as patents, trademarks, trade secrets, or copyright held by others, or behavior accepting such infringement. (5) Unreasonable infringement of credibility, honor, privacy, rights to usage of physical likenesses, rights to personal publicity, and other rights of others. (6) Criminal behavior, or behavior in contravention of public order and morality, or activities contributing to same. (7) Other actions in contravention of these regulations, or legislation, etc.
  • Members provide the company with currently true and accurate complete information for member registration, and update such registration information on the site as necessary.
  • Members are responsible for managing and using passwords allocated in accordance with the regulations, and ensuring that such management and use does not result in losses to the company. It is the responsibility of a member to ensure that use of the service with the password is solely by that member, and that any losses incurred by the member, or obligation to pay for losses to the company, other members, or a third party, are the sole responsibility of the member.
■ Clause 7 Communication With Members by the Company
Communication by the company with members is generally by email to the email address provided in the member registration information. Communication is assumed to reach members after the normal interval required for email communications.
■ Clause 8 Cessation, Interruption, or Abolition of the Service
  • The company may cease, interrupt, or abolish the service without prior notification as follows. (1) In the event of periodic or emergency maintenance, inspection, repair, or changes to the system and equipment. (2) In the event of problems with the system or equipment due to fire or power outage, etc. (3) In the event that the service can no longer be provided due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, flooding, or tsunamis, or to uprisings, insurrections, riots, or strikes. (4) Other cases in which cessation, etc. of the service is unavoidable.
  • The company bears no responsibility for cessation, interruption, or abolishment, of the service, or for any losses incurred by members due to same.
  • In the event of cessation, interruption, or abolishment of the service as defined in (1) above, the company may implement measures it considers appropriate (e.g. extension of the service) following resumption of the service.
■ Clause 9 Disclaimers
  • In the event of a dispute between members, or between a member and a third party, in relation to use of the service, resolution of the dispute is the responsibility, and at the expense, of the parties and not the company, and it is agreed that the company not shall bear any losses in association with such a dispute.
  • The company shall, under no circumstances, be responsible for compensation of members for losses.
■ Clause 10 Copyright
  • Apart from member registration information and provided information, all content, copyright, patents, trademarks, and pending patents, etc. for all content of the service and the site are owned by the company.
  • Members shall not use, replay, reproduce, or market, etc. the service, or content constituting the site, for commercial or any other purpose without prior, written permission of the company.
■ Clause 11 Use of Information
  • The company is permitted to use member registration information, provided information, and results of use of the member site for statistical or marketing purposes, and to publicly disclose results of statistical investigations, without agreement of individual members. However, considerable care is required to ensure that individual members are not directly identifiable.
  • The company shall not generally disclose information registered by a member to a third party without consent of the member. However, if the company determines that a member has engaged in activities disadvantageous to other members or third parties, the company is permitted to notify the relevant third party, the police, or any related organization(s) of the registered details of that member.
■ Clause 12 Withdrawal
  • In the event that a member desires to withdraw membership, the company is permitted to execute such withdrawal in accordance with a separately defined procedure.
  • The company is permitted to cease providing the service to the member, and withdraw membership, if any of the following occur, or may possibly occur. (1) Non-performance of activities or duties in contravention of the regulations. (2) Inclusion of false or inaccurate member registration information, or failure to immediately update registration information made inaccurate due to changes in circumstances. (3) In the event of behavior in contravention of legal statutes. (4) In the event of the company, at its own discretion, decides that use of the service on the site is inappropriate.
■Clause 13 Abolition of, or Changes to, the Service or the Regulations
  • The company is permitted to abolish all or part of the service, or to change its content, at its discretion and without consent of the members.
  • The company is permitted to change or add regulations for provision of the service within the necessary scope without consent of the members.
  • The company bears no responsibility for losses incurred by members in association with abolition of, or changes to, the service, and changes to the regulations.
■ Clause 14 Applicable Legislation and Agreed Exclusive Jurisdictional Authority
  • The laws of Japan shall apply to these regulations.
  • The primary agreed exclusive jurisdictional authority for resolution of disputes in relation to the regulations for use, etc. of this service between the company and members shall be the District Court of Tokyo.
Established October 2nd, 2000
Revised April 28th, 2003
Revised September 1st, 2003
Revised August 25th, 2006

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