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Cost down   Improve quality   Mounting electronics parts/devices  

TDC developed new technology to polish thin foils in coils.

Change material   Develop new material  

In the past, because of heat-resistance, corrosion resistance, and low contamination, there was a de...

Cost down   Reduce initial cost   Change material   Improve quality   Metallic casting  

We offer total cost reductions by using aluminum casting for products made from aluminum shavings, r...

Cost down   Shorten delivery date   Improve quality   Improve radiation performance   Cutting work  

Prevention of defects during the stocking process. Automatic operation for long period of time. Be...

Combine parts   Quality improvement   Improve strength   Improve heat resistance   Vacuum retention  

We have carried out joint development of new materials and new products in the past, however the dev...

11-15 / 15 hits

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