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Decrease in the burden imposed by drawing work, thanks to the simple functions and outstanding・・・

Production/process control system

Realize "visualization" by centrally managing order information and process informat・・・

IoT system for production facilities (Nazca Neo Linka)

Nazca Neo Linka is an IoT system directed to the manufacturing industry that was developed und・・・

2D/3D fusion CAD/CAM system for mold design and manufacturing

A CAD/CAM system for mold design and manufacturing, equipped with unique hybrid technology. By・・・

Add-in for SOLIDWORKS  CAM System for molds

SOLIDWORKS add-in CAM system for small and medium molds and parts machining. Equipped with a p・・・

2D CAM for Machining (NAZCA5 CAM Mill)

Mounted with practical functions dedicated to 2D processing in areas including outlining, pock・・・

Display producer goods on showroom

What's the producer goods showroom?

'Producer goods showroom' is the virtual one that is managed by NC network. You can search products info in detail and purchase them.

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